10 Actors Who Were Paid Almost Nothing For Acclaimed Roles

Although most people think that movie actors receive huge wages regardless of the role they are playing or the film that they are appearing in, the truth is that many will actually not receive the huge salary you might expect. Often only the stars of movies are generally expected to bring in the big bucks, while those in supporting roles can expect to earn a huge range. Many will take drastic pay cuts in order to be part of a project and work with a particular director, writer or actor while others will simply take part as a favor to a friend. Whatever the case, there have been many established actors who have received almost nothing for performances that were widely acclaimed.

Adam Levine

Adam Levine got his start in Hollywood in the acclaimed Begin Again in 2014. It was the first film that the Maroon 5 singer had appeared in as a main character and he agreed to take part without receiving a fee as a way to get valuable experience. The plan might well have worked as he has since had other offers to appear in more movies.

Jon Heder

Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder played a major role in the film, which eventually went on to make $46 million at the box office. However, his fee was just $1,000 as he had agreed to take part as a favor to a friend who was working on the movie.