10 Spectacular Frozen Wonders You’ll Want To See This Winter

Winter isn’t many peoples favorite season. It’s usually brutally cold, filled with snow that makes it difficult to get anywhere, and there aren’t many fun activities to enjoy during the winter. With the massive snowstorm Jonas wreaking havoc on many U.S. cities and towns, it may seem near impossible to find the beauty in this dreaded season. However, there are many ways that Mother Nature uses snow and ice to design stunning frozen wonders. This list is a compilation of ten of those frozen wonders that will have you hoping winter sticks around a little bit longer.

Glacial Cave

A glacial cave is formed when water flows through or under a glacier. The result is always beautiful!

Striped Icebergs

Striped icebergs look almost fake, as if someone dyed the colors onto them. However, it’s a completely natural phenomenon that occurs when algae and sediment is picked up by icebergs.