10 Nickelodeon Girls Who Became Extremely Hot

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We used to watch them because we loved their clean cut appearance and their innocent behavior. We probably didn’t know that when these actresses were young and innocent and were starring in some of the most popular shows on Nickelodeon, that we would eventually find them incredibly hot. Disney doesn’t even have anything on this group of girls who have blossomed into truly beautiful women. While their careers haven’t all blossomed to the same degree that their looks have, you’ll know every single one of their names simply because they are incredibly hot. Check out our list of the cream of the crop when it comes to those stars that have turned into hotties.

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts is best known for sexy bad girl roles in shows like American Horror Story and Scream Queens, but she started out as a youngster on Unfabulous. She also took turns in a number of Nick movies before taking on a serious sexy look.

Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg got her start at a pretty young age on the Nick show The Adventures of Pete and Pete. She did well enough on that show that she actually got her very own movie in Harriet the Spy.

Soon she was getting a role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where she started to blossom and turn into the outright hottie she is today.

Ariana Grande

Before Ariana Grande became a pop sensation, the singer took a turn on a number of Nick shows. Among her most well known roles was actually alongside another girl on this list. She was an afterthought to Victoria Justice on Victorious, but she’s hit the big time now and is a big time hottie.

Christine Taylor

Christine Taylor is one of the original child stars turned super hotties. Before she appeared in a ton of different movies and eventually marrying Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor was one of the stars of Hey Dude.

Brenda Song

Brenda Song is a bonafide hottie who actually still does quite a bit of kid oriented stuff. She’s also one who has actually made quite a few appearances on both Nick and Disney channel shows. On Nickelodeon, she starred on 100 Good Deeds for Eddie McDowd.

Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice is still pretty young, but she no longer stars on the network and has started to notice that people are taking notice of her long legs and great looks. Not only is the 20 something trying to make her way as an actress, but the brunette hottie is also a singer.

Brooke Nevin

Brooke Nevin didn’t have a particularly successful run on Nick, but she made an appearance on more than one of the network’s programs. First she was starring in the short lived Animorphs and then on Are You Afraid of the Dark? Before making herself the object of much lust in the sports comedy film The Comebacks.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has long been a world class hottie but before that, she was making a couple appearances on one of the most popular Nick shows in the history of the network. She wasn’t a star of the show but she did make three appearances on The Secret World of Alex Mack.

Meagan Good

Meagan Good has turned into a bonafide sex symbol as well as an actress that has taken on more serious roles both on television and in the movies. She got her start talking to a living puppet in the Nick show, Cousin Skeeter.

Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert turned into one of the most lusted after actresses of the early 2000’s thanks to turns in shows like 24 as the uber hot daughter of Jack Bauer. Before getting her hotness quotient jacked up even further as the Girl Next Door, she was a regular on Are You Afraid of the Dark?