10 Shocking Failures Of The United Nations

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The United Nations were formed after the end of World War 2, and sought to protect the world against injustice. They main reason for the group of nations coming together regularly is for world peace and security, but that doesn’t appear to be happening any time soon, sadly. There are over 192 members of the council, and not a single one of them has made a massive difference in the following ten cases. Here are ten shocking failures of the United Nations.


The majority of experts across the world are in agreement that modern terrorism began in 1968 with the hijacking of an Israeli flight. Despite numerous actions, the UN has been unable to prevent any new attacks by terrorist organizations.

Nuclear Weapons

Back during the foundation of the UN, only the United States owned and used nuclear weapons. By the time they signed the nuclear proliferation treaty, five more had nukes. Despite the treaty being in place, countries still stockpile their weapons.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a small island nation experienced a nearly two decade long civil war. During the final months, the UN refused to ship any form of help, and they only caused more problems.

Child Abuse Scandal

During times of war and famine, nations plead for help from the United Nations. The blue-helmeted peacekeepers are thought to represent stability. Sadly, the areas being helped saw a huge rise in child prostitution. Soldiers rewarded these children with candy or small amounts of money, which they would claim was for a sexual relationship instead of raping the kid.

Veto Powers

The UN Security Council currently consists of fifteen nations. The other ten only serve two-year terms. The five permanent members, including France, China, Russia, the UK, and the US, all have far more power over everyone else.

Srebrenica Massacre

During the 1995 Bosnian War, the single biggest act of mass murder occurred, known as the Srebrenica Massacre. Serbian forces forced the UN team away, then raped and killed everyone without any intervention.

Khmer Rouge

During the rule of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, extreme forms of Communism and torture occurred. The UN refused to help, despite the fact that over 2.5 million had already been killed.

Cold War

The Cold War is one of the biggest failures of the United Nations Charter. Following the atrocities we saw in World War 2, the original UN founders wanted to give basic rights to all humans. That being said, the USSR disregarded this and continued with their iron ruling, silencing anyone who stood against them. The UN did not fight back.


Darfur is famous because of the celebrities who vowed to help and donate money to the cause. Back in 2003, conflict erupted as militia groups attacked the government. The UN condemned the actions, but refused to send any aid to the country.


We all know of the genocide that occurred in Rwanda in 1994. During this period rife with horror, the UN failed to carry out their main duty by keeping the peace and security of a nation. They failed to help those slaughtered by the militias.