10 People Who Should Have Regretted Their Tattoos Immediately

Tattoos are forever. If you choose to get one, you have to know it right off the bat and because of that, you should make sure that when you do get a tattoo, you go to a very accomplished tattoo artist who is going to be able to give you exactly what you want. While tattoos in this day and age can actually be removed and they can be edited, neither of those options are going to be able to guarantee that you’ll be happy with the end result. Tattoo removal can be quite painful. Despite that, we have a feeling the guys and gals in our list of 10 people who should have regretted their tattoos immediately likely went through that pain at some point. Check out the list and tell us which one stands out to you.

At Least They Got The Right Body Part

Considering they got a tattoo that labeled the body part, we’re impressed they weren’t so dumb they accidentally labeled it “leg.” We’re also betting they didn’t need to get a tattoo on their head that said “brain” because it’s not present.

Start Crying

The smiling mint is just a weird addition. The misspelling is something the owner of this tattoo is likely not going to be smiling about.

What If They Break Up?

What happens if this couple doesn’t make it? What does this tattoo look like when they aren’t hugging? Are they always hugging? And of course the number one question is what in the world were they thinking?

What If Tomorrow Holds a Misspelling?

Paragraphs are never a good idea for a tattoo anyway. When you double down with misspellings, you have failed absolutely.

Did He Go With The Belt And Suspenders?

This is a neat idea and is certainly an interesting optical illusion. At the same time, there may not be an instance of a more useless tattoo in the entire world.

Points for Creativity

We have to wonder what in the world made someone decide a cupcake pooping was a good tattoo idea. At least the cupcake is happy.

They’re Not Talking About The Tattoo

We get it, its and it’s are confusing. Make sure your tattoo artist knows the difference before you have him/her put something permanent on your body.

Double Negative

As we all know, this tattoo cancels itself out. In other words, he wants us to always give up.

He’s Not Wrong

That is indeed a bad tattoo. We’re not sure he had to point it out.

Was There Some Confusion?

We cannot, for the life of us, figure out why this person felt they needed to point this out. Was it a reminder for themselves? Someone else? Just … why?