10 Shocking And Creepy Fetishes You Never Knew Existed

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These are ten shocking and creepy fetishes and sexual attractions you didn’t know existed. Although people show their love in strange and mystic ways sometimes, sometimes it is not another human being at all that catches their fancy at all. These fetishes may be weird and downright creepy in their context and connotations, as long as nobody else is being negatively impacted by their decision, then to each their own. Sometimes though, you can’t help but wonder, why on Earth would you do such a thing? It’s then that you should remember that no two human beings in this world are alike.


This is the sexual attraction to religious objects. Although ironic in the sense that many religions have strict guidelines relating to sex, it is not the attraction to religion itself, but to the objects associated with religious beliefs.


Formicophilia is the love of having insects crawling on you. Although many claim to purely enjoy the tickling sensation created by said bugs, many who have this fetish become interested in insects and in turn study them for a living.


As the name describes, this fetish is the art of licking the eye. Started in Japan, this fetish is a symbol of attraction between lovers. Although this trend has found its way to America, it is more so as a prank among friends. Some serious implications of this fetish were discovered upon a pink eye outbreak at a school.


This is a fetish revolved around an attraction to nature. Mainly attracted to trees, people with this fetish are sometimes mistaken as nature lovers. The most extreme case of this occurred in 2010, when a Scottish man attempted to have sex with a tree in a public park, and subsequently got banned from the park.


Which woman doesn’t like a “bad boy”? This fetish describes a sexual attraction to a person you know has committed a crime. Sometimes known as “Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome,” this fetish is appealing to some because they believe that the person they are attracted to can be corrected with their love, or with sex.


As suggested by the name, Olfactophilia involves the love of smells. Many with this fetish claim that certain smells – usually bodily odors, but not limited to such – produce a physical response in the body. These reactions are similar to the reactions a body would have when romantically attracted to another.


Popularized in the 1970’s, this fetish was created mainly for artistic purposes, such as when Allen Jones – a British pop icon known for painting and sculpting – used ladies in his exhibit as furniture. Some were used as tables, chairs and even toilet roll holders. Since then, this fetish has become less about artistry and more sexual due to literature such as 50 Shades of Grey.


Although there is not a technical name for it yet, this fetish started in Japan. In an attempt to fight against the censorship of pornography from the government, many Japanese girls started taking to this trend. It seemed that people enjoyed it a bit more than they thought they would and the gag quickly turned real.


Ever wonder how that guy can attract a girl like her? Well this fetish can sometimes explain it. Teratophilia is the fetish of being attracted to someone with a deformity. This may have been caused by The Beauty And The Beast, where once the fair princess kisses the monster, he turns into a handsome prince again.


As the name suggests, this fetish involves a sexual attraction to mechanical objects, although cars are at the forefront of the mind when thinking about this fetish. A man from the United Kingdoms once admitted to have sexual intercourse with over a thousand automobiles. This fetish can sometimes result in some being arrested for indecent exposure if the urge hits in public places.