10 Of The Most Obscure Jobs To Ever Exist

Everyone has bills to pay and have to make money some kind of way. There are a variety of corporate jobs as well as many self-employed positions. Aside from the obvious career choices, there are a few in the world that are pretty strange and unusual. Some of these strange jobs that are available are quite unpopular and many might question if they’re actually real. Here’s a list of some of the most obscure jobs to ever exist.

Line Stander

Tired of standing in line and waiting two days for the release of the new iPhone? Get a professional line stander! These guys get paid to stand in lines, and make the most money on holidays such as Black Friday and days when new products get released.

Face Feelers

Face feelers are also known as sensory scientists. Their duty is to feel your face and judge the effectiveness of razors, lotions and facial cleaners.