10 Reasons Why You Get Dirty Looks In The Cinema

The Guy Who Is Always Late

Commercial cinemas now have an expected 20 minute pre-show of advertising and trailers. But don’t take this for granted. Sometimes the pre-show only lasts 10 minutes. It can depend on the time of day, whether the film is popular, or whether it’s at the beginning or the end of its screening season. The start time of the session is on the your ticket (as well as half a dozen other places, like the cinema website), so sit down by that time to make sure you’re not walking in and obscuring people’s view when the movie has started.

The “I’ll Sit Where I Want” Guy

Many commercial cinemas are now allocating seats, particularly for peak periods like Friday and Saturday nights, and popular films. You can choose which seats you want at the time of purchase, whether you’re buying them online or at the Box Office. Check your ticket before you go into the cinema, then sit in your allocated seat. Simple! This saves people having to move you on if you’re in their seat, and gets everyone where they are supposed to be a lot quicker.