20 Of The Most Hilarious Key & Peele Sketches

Key & Peele are easily two of the most hilarious comedians available on television and the stage these days. The two work incredibly well together, as evidence by their television show, where the two men create insane sketches for the audience. However, there are so many of these sketches available these days that it’s hard to tell which ones you should be watching and what you should avoid. Thankfully, we’ve gathered 20 of the very best Key & Peele sketches around for your entertainment.

Mafia Hit

This is one of the darker sketches available from Key & Peele, but it’s also an incredibly funny one. A birthday party gone wrong is on the menu for this quick short. Guns blast, hijinks ensue, and more than one dead body appears.

Pizza Order

Many people order more food than they really need while being within the comfort of their own home. This particular sketch details the guy ordering pizza for all of his “friends”, but it’s really just him sitting alone at home.

Auction Block

This one sketch may have a few people up in arms, but it’s funny, nonetheless. Two slaves who are both up for auction — with no one wanting to bid on them — exchange dialogue between themselves. It’s a lot funnier than some may imagine for this topic.

Substitute Teacher

This may be one of the most well known sketches from the comedy duo. Everyday names, such as Blake and others are mispronounced. The kids then try to set the substitute teacher straight, but he grows tired of their nonsense.