10 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations

The joys and wonders of travel always have their appeal. People who love to explore new places yearn for excitement and adventure. As much fun as it is to travel and as wonderful an experience as it can be, there are certain little corners of the world best left unexplored. From poisonous plants masquerading as exotic flowers to teetering pathways upon the edges of cliffs, here is a list of ten places anyone and everyone ought to avoid at all costs – no matter how brave you might think you are.

Death Road, Bolivia

While you might think the name alone would deter even the bravest adventure seekers, Death Road (one of many names for North Yungas Road) in Bolivia’s Yungas region claims an average of 300 lives per year. The long, thin, winding path leads from La Paz to Coroico. Along this journey, you will find drops that will send you plummeting nearly 2,000 feet down.

The Heavenly Stairs, China

The Hua Shan plank path walk, often referred to as “the heavenly stairs”, is located along China’s fifth highest mountain and has definitely sent more than a few people to heaven. Consisting of a few rickety wooden boards nailed into the mountain and a chain dangling 7,000 feet above ground, this path is no joke.