10 Of The Highest Selling Artists Of All-Time

The music industry is an unpredictable world where talent and skill seem to account for only a fraction of the success. To be successful as a musician, it seems that you not just need to make good music, but you need to possess a special quality that makes you a favorite among fans. When you look at the list of highest selling artists of all-time, you will realize that these artists weren’t just tremendously gifted, but they also bought something unique to the table. This list features the best the music industry has had to offer, the highest selling artists to ever sing into a mic.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was the queen of R&B and Pop during her three-decade tenure in the industry. During this period she managed to make a total sales of 110.2 million dollars.

Celine Dion

Her heart will go on and it looks like her record sales will go on as well. Celine Dion is one of the most widely recognized Pop artists of all time. Her 120.8 million dollar haul worldwide is proof of just how popular she really is.