10 Of The Largest Dog Breeds In The World

Nowadays, small dogs are all the rage. People enjoy little tiny dogs because they are easier to tote around, and they are adorable. However, historically, big dogs have been the most popular choice, because dogs were more typically used as guardians or hunters, not simply companions. As a result, there are quite a few large dog breeds. In fact, there are even a few massive dog breeds. Large dogs can scare a lot of people, but they are generally a lot more mild-tempered than smaller dogs. This list is a compilation of some of the larger breeds of our furry friends.

St. Bernard

It’s no shocker that this dog is on the list. The St. Bernard is a very popular large dog. The largest dog ever recorded was a St. Bernard, and it weighed 310 pounds.

Russian Black Terrier

These dogs were originally bred for military use, and they typically weigh about 130 pounds or 60 kilograms.