10 Ways Supermarkets Trick You Into Spending More Cash

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Going shopping is one of the things people normally do not give much thought to. They grab their shopping list, select their cart, walk around the shop, pick out the items they need, pay, and leave. However, in reality, each supermarket is a well-oiled machine, determined to getting people to spend as much cash as possible without even knowing it. They have got some tricks up their sleeve to ensure that happens, so without further adieu, here are 10 ways supermarkets trick you into spending more money.


According to studies, music makes individuals take their time and spend more cash. Loud music makes people move through the shop fast without affecting sales. On the other hand, classical music leads them to purchase more expensive merchandise.


Warm colors attract individuals to a shop and cool colors encourage deep contemplation and greater sales.


Those large newspaper inserts are not really meant to save people money. They are supposed to make them purchase things they do not need just because they think they are on sale. People should make sure to double check each coupon they are going to use; in a few cases, the price advertised is the same as the non-coupon price.

Dairy Products

Supermarkets hide milk and other dairy products on the back wall so that customers have to go through the entire shop to get to them.

Dollar Sign

Most supermarkets display the price without the dollar sign and use only numbers. Psychologically, when people look at a dollar sign, they think about spending; however, when they look at numbers, they think about saving.

Shiny Items

It is not surprising that people are most attracted to shiny items. Whether it is a shiny diamond or a shiny new car, people are used to equating shininess with desire and quality. This is the main reason stores spray mist on their vegetables and fruits on a regular basis. It is known to in fact rot the food faster, but it makes the food look better and increases the conversion rate.

Long Lines

Even at peak shopping times, you will observe that many checkouts are unmanned, which means that you could be in for a quite long wait. That’s a trick aimed at making people purchase more than they initially intended.

Familiar Brands

Individuals like familiarity. Everyone has their favorite brands, and once they find a branded product they like, they tend to stick with that product. However, if individuals tried shifting to a value version of an item, they may find they like it just as much, and therefore spend less money. However, people do not tend to try it out. Therefore, stores make more money.

Precut Fruits And Vegetables

Precut vegetables and fruits look so attractive, with their promise of less work and colorful packaging. However, they are not quite a good deal. According to CBC News, precut fruits and vegetables can be a lot more costly than the whole products.

Sample Stations

Sample stations slow people down while exposing them to new items.