10 Hidden Secrets Of The Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

Every year, as the final moments pass and everyone waits in anticipation to celebrate the coming of the next year, New York’s Times Square becomes a place of celebrity performances, wild confetti, and loud music. Being one of the most exciting and special New Year’s Eve celebrations, the New York’s Time Square celebration is watched by millions and is attended by thousands upon thousands of people, all of who eagerly await the drop of the 11,875 pound, 12-foot wide ball that signalizes the coming of the new year. However, as most don’t even know how this tradition started and others wonder why exactly this ball is such a huge deal, we’ve decided to present you with the 10 hidden secrets of the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball Drop.

The One Times Square Secret Vault

There is a secret vault at One Times Square where a number of New Year’s Eve items are kept, including the infamous millennium ball.

The Confetti Contain New Year’s Eve Wishes

The confetti that rains down upon Times Square after the ball drops at midnight isn’t just regular confetti. They contain the New Year’s wishes of people from across the world, which they’ve written personally at the Times Square Visitors Center or the Times Square New Year’s Eve Virtual Wishing Wall online.