10 Creepy Photographs No One Can Explain

Ever since the invention of the photograph back in the 19th century, we have seen numerous photos that feature some unexplainable occurrences. Today, with the modern technology and photo editing problems we have now, most “mysterious photographs” can simply be faked. However, there are plenty of unedited photographs from back in the day that no one has been able to explain as of yet. Mysterious figures, time travelers, sea monsters, and other strange phenomena have been spotted. Here are ten creepy photographs no one can explain.

Hook Island Sea Monster

In 1964, French photographer Robert Serrec spotted what resembled a giant snake-like creature on the ocean floor along the Queensland, Australia, coast. Some people claim it was a tarp, but no credible explanation has come to light.

Hessdalen Lights

Since the early 1940s, strange lights have been spotted in the Hessdalen Valley in Norway. The lights tend to be some form of white or yellow, and the origin has yet to be discovered, despite them occurring 10 to 20 times per year.