10 Creative Ads Made By Science World

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You can never really understand the world around you unless you examine it using a scientific lens. Unfortunately, due to the way science is presented in modern education, it comes across as extremely boring and dull. In order to make science more interesting and relatable, Science World, a science center in Canada, created a fun outdoor campaign to attract more people to the field. This list features 10 of the best ads seen in the Science World ‘We can explain’ campaign.

Power Of Gravity

In order highlight the power of gravity, Science World put up a weighing machine on elevators to show you that you weigh less on your way down.

Heavy Heart

You don’t really comprehend how big a blue whale is until you see how heavy its heart really is.

Busy Beaver

Beavers are nature’s woodworkers. They are busy all year long and can chop down 200 trees a year.

Hairy Situation

We don’t really realize how much hair we grow on a daily basis until you see this fact.

Snot Syrup

We eat a lot of snot a day, and I mean a lot!

Full Of Gas

Children can probably relate to the fact on this balloon more than any one else.

Mosquitoes’ Favorite Color

Mosquitoes are more complex than we give them credit. For some reason, they seem to love the color blue.

Dissolving Glass

This fun ad makes it seem like someone poured a lot of Hydrofluoric acid on this glass panel.

Big Kitty

At the end of the day, Tigers are just really big kitties deep down.

The Earth Is Out Of Control

This visual shows us exactly how horrible life would be if gravity didn’t exist.