10 Crazy Swimsuit Designs That Actually Exist

When you’re going to the beach, you want to look as sexy and enticing as you possibly can. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the swimsuit industry is making millions each year by presenting new models of clothing specially designed for this occasion. However, due to the design of the bikini and top, there’s not all that much that can be changed, thus fashion designers are becoming a lot more creative. From crazy coloring choices to extremely practical swimsuits, today you are able to purchase something that will not only make you look sexy, but will also fit your weird personality and truly make you stand out. Without further adieu here are the 10 most crazy swimsuit designs that actually exist.

Come to The Dark Side

With Star Wars being such a huge mainstream media hit, it’s no wonder that you can actually purchase a cool swimsuit that will show your love to the dark side.

The Lifesaver Spike Swimsuit

If you want to show your true inner rock and be covered in spikes, while being safe in the waters with the help of a sudden inflatable ring, you should consider buying this crazy swimsuit by Rio Maddison.