10 Cheaters Who Finally Got A Visit From Karma

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They say what comes around goes around, and when it comes to people taking revenge after being cheated on, it definitely couldn’t be any more true. According to these ten hilarious photos, people get extra petty when taking revenge after getting screwed over by their partners. That’s why you should never underestimate the thirst of revenge of a person whose trust has been betrayed. Here’s ten of the most hilarious cases of cheaters who finally got a visit from karma.

Welcome Home Cheater

What an amazing way to announce your divorce to the neighborhood.

A Cheating Asshole

Well if any of his hookups saw the sticky note, they definitely won’t hook up with him any more.

Tell Jessica You’re Moving In!

And if you ask us, Michael probably shouldn’t even come to pick up his stuff.

Marriage Ruiner

David gets the biggest cheater award thanks to this incredible flyer.

Cheating Sky Writing

Nothing says revenge better than writing about your husbands underdeveloped genitals in the sky.

Scooter Insults

We hope that was a non-removable marker.

Divorce House Sale

What a better way to get a good price on that house, right?

Public Shaming

Maybe someone even threw fruit at him too.

Cheating Husband Poster

We sincerely hope this woman got all of his money.

Flying Pickaxes

It’s lucky they ended up on his brand new Audi.