10 Of The Most Unusual Christmas Traditions From All Over The World

The Christmas festival is about merry-making, church-attending, gift-giving and celebrations. It honors the birthday of Jesus Christ. Christmas is celebrated in several ways throughout the world. For some people in South Africa, Christmas festival is the best time to eat deep-fried Emperor Moth caterpillars. It is not clear why it is a tradition; however, several studies show that the grub is very nutritious. Here are some of the most unusual Christmas traditions from all over the world.


Cuban city Remedios is popular for its Christmas festival Las Parrandas. Parrandas started back in 1820 when a church priest sent groups of young people into the village banging on pans and pots to keep churchgoers awake for Christmas midnight mass.

Bavarian Mortars

Bavarian Highlanders shoot mortars into the winter air each year while dressed in traditional garbs to acknowledge the Christmas holidays.