10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Got Their Start In Horror Movies

As the old saying goes, “we’ve all got to start somewhere.” This applies to even the biggest stars in Hollywood today. Their careers had to start somewhere and that usually means there are at least a couple of movies on their resume they wish you hadn’t seen. Sometimes it just means there are some movies on their resume you’d be shocked to find out they played a part. Such is the instance of this list, where we’ve brought you the top 10 celebs you never would have guessed got their big breaks in a horror flick. The sheer number of superstars who were unknowns when they were killed off is actually quite mind boggling. Check out the list and let us know what you think.

Tom Hanks

Yep, that’s right. Tom Hanks actually got his big break in a horror movie titled He Knows You’re Alone. The film follows a soon-to-be bride who is stalked by a killer the weekend before her wedding. Shortly after his bit part in this film, he scored a guest starring spot on Happy Days, and that led to the lead role in Splash and the rest is history.

Leonardo DiCaprio

While he’s best known for his serious roles, Leonardo DiCaprio got his start on the silliest of horror movies in the form of Critters 3. Dicaprio himself has described the role as “your average, no-depth standard kid with blond hair.” Despite that, he was able to parlay the role into the beginnings of a long and incredibly successful career.