10 Infamous Serial Killers Still Alive Today

Serial killers are some of the most sadistic, deranged individuals in the world. They take pleasure and joy from hurting and maiming others until there is nothing left but a dead body. When most serial killers are finally captured after their lengthy period of crime, they are usually either sentenced to death or life in prison with multiple counts – meaning they will never see the outside anytime soon, if at all. Some of them remain in prison even today, despite having been sentenced decades ago. Here are ten infamous serial killers still alive today.

Charles Manson

Charles Manson is probably the most well known serial killer in all of history. He was the notorious leader of The Manson Family, which were a cult-like group dedicated to the deranged man. Today, Manson is over 80-years-old, and lives in Corcoran State Prison.

Gary Ridgway

Gary Ridgway, otherwise known as The Green River Killer, murdered at least 49 people during his crime spree. Those are only the known ones, though. It is said that he killed at least 90. Today, Ridgeway is nearly 70-years-old and spends all his time in prison.