10 Bizarre Theme Parks Worth A Visit

Theme parks have sometimes seemed like the type of place only a young child would find enjoyment from, but that isn’t necessarily true. All across the world, there are hundreds of amusement parks that are just beyond bizarre, and these are mostly aimed at teenagers and adults. Have you ever wanted to get a look at vomiting rats while riding a roller coaster? No? Well, if you change your mind, there are a couple of theme parks within this list that have rides just as odd, if not worse in nature.


Dollywood, which has an incredibly odd name already, got their name from the country singer Dolly Parton. This Tennessee-based theme park has become known for their fast, intense park rides for everyone visiting.

Išgyvenimo Drama, Lithuania

Nestled away inside of an abandoned bunker in the woods, the Išgyvenimo Drama is not your normal “theme park” by any means. Former members of the Soviet Army now work as staff members here, and try to give visitors and idea of what it was like living in the USSR.