20 Of The Best Animal Characters In Popular Culture

Animals have always been a vital and fascinating component of popular culture. From talking dogs like Scooby doo and Astro, to crime-fighting sidekicks such as Battlecat and Dynomutt, animals have played a graceful second-fiddle to many of our beloved characters in many memorable films and television series. Here is a list of animals/pets that do not possess any special abilities such as talking or transformation, but have still left a mark on the medium they graced:


Snowy is perhaps the most recognizable pet in the world. His daring escapades with Tintin have made him a superstar in his own right. He is highly intelligent and has played more than his share in keeping Tintin alive and well.


“Hi ho silver, away” is arguably the most famous catchphrase associated to an animal. The lone ranger is never really alone thanks to this mighty and majestic horse that is as daring and dynamic as its master.


Lassie is an iconic pet from the pages of pop culture. His friendship and loyalty to Timmy and his family formed the crux of the show. Lassie was perhaps the first animal to truly take center stage in any television series.

Snowball And Santa’s Little Helper

Both pets in ‘The Simpsons’ have had their share of moments but largely remain background material for continuing shenanigans. This facet makes these pets truly great, because just like any other pet in the world, they don’t have to be unique, or special, or even smart to be loved in their household.