10 Bad Habits You’re Doing On A Daily Basis

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Every person has that one thing they constantly do on a daily basis without even knowing. These things are called habits. Sometimes we tend to perform bad habits on a daily basis, which are either bad etiquette or just are down right not good for our bodies. Whether it is skipping out on breakfast, over spending, or watching entirely too much TV, we’re all guilty of having some sort of bad habit. Here’s a list of some bad habits that you probably do on a daily basis.

Salt With No Pepper

Whenever someone asks for either salt or pepper at the dinner table, you’re supposed to pass them both items together. Salt and Pepper are meant to be together at all times.

Coughing In Right Hand

Coughing in your hand is horrible as it is, but if you do so, make sure you cough in your left hand. Your right hand is deemed your social hand, the one you usually shake other people’s hands with.

Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you skip out on breakfast, you will negatively effect your energy as well as metabolism. This will also cause you to eat foods that aren’t good for your body.

Watching Too Much TV

Thanks to wonderful world of streaming, we tend to stare at electronic screens longer than we’re really supposed to. Watching too much TV is bad for the eyes

Wearing Headphones Too Long

We often listen with headphones while working out, going for a walk or at our work desks. Having headphones on for a long period of time can eventually cause hearing loss.

Lack of Sleep

Some people often think they can stay up late in the wee hours the night and wake upright and early the next morning. A lack of sleep can cause a low immune system as well as other body systems.

Grocery Shopping While Hungry

Attempting to grocery shop while you’re hungry is a bad idea. You will most likely spend more money because your stomach is constantly growling and every thing in the store looks appetizing.

Paying Attention To Cell Phone

Today’s society doesn’t know how to be social thanks to social media. We often spend more time tuned into what other people are doing online instead of enjoying life and living in the moment.

Excessive Spending

Whenever there’s a great sale at a local store, you may have the impulse to immediately buy something. Talk yourself out of buying things you don’t need. It’ll help you save money down the line.

Eating Too Fast

Sometimes we allow ourselves to get entirely too hungry. When we finally get a bite to eat, we scarf it down quickly. Eating your food too fast can cause your stomach to suffer from bloating, acid and excessive gas.