10 Awesome Facts About ‘Friends’ You Didn’t Know

Monica and Chandler? More like Monica and Joey

Before the casting of the show, Monica and Joey were intended to be the central couple of the show. However, after the pilot episode the idea was quickly abandoned. If you are one for crazy ideas, you’d be happy to know that the writers did give us a glimpse of this dynamic in the episode The One With The Flashback, where Joey mistakes Monica’s offer of lemonade with an invitation for sex. Awkward!

In Real Life, Gunther, a.k.a. James Michael Tyler was a Barista

Initially cast as an extra in a nameless role, James Michael Tyler turned around his role and managed to become a supporting cast member of Friends. Now infamous for his portrayal of Gunther, James really did work as a barista before becoming an established actor. He even managed to keep his job for the first four seasons of the run of the show!