10 Of The Most Awesome Man Caves You’ll Ever See

For those who don’t know, the term ‘man cave’ refers to a male sanctuary – usually a spare room in a house, a basement or a garage – which is designed and furnished to the specifications of the man in question. These are usually used by men to indulge their hobby, as a place for some alone time, or just somewhere to hang out with friends. All this without a sensible female influence, meaning they are often referred to as ‘the last bastion of masculinity’.

Some men are lucky enough not to be restrained by budget when it comes to creating their personal spaces. For these guys, man caves can become things of incredible beauty and design. So if you ever win the lottery, or you’re lucky enough to be rich, maybe you could draw some inspiration from these pictures. These are the ten most awesome man caves you’ll ever see; until you create your own, of course.

The Starship

As if having a hidden booze cabinet with sliding doors, big screen projector, fireplace, and those amazing seats weren’t enough, this man cave also boasts a voice-activated fiber optic star ceiling.

The owner is a sci-fi fan who based the design on a spaceship theme. At the back of the room there’s even a replica starship systems display.

The Gun Fan

Man caves are often used as a place to store a guy’s collection of memorabilia. Normally these are things such as comics, sporting items, video games etc. but sometimes they can be less common collectibles – like guns.

With its selection of weapons from various eras, massive static machine guns, and even flame thrower on the wall; this is surely the worst house in the world for a burglar get confronted by the owner and their arsenal of weapons.