10 Amazing Facts Related To Language And Linguistics

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One of the biggest reasons behind the evolution of humanity is our ability to effectively communicate with one another. By passing on our thoughts and information from one person to another, we are able to create new ideas and understand tough concepts, while simultaneously propagating information into the future. We must have began by using nothing but sign language, but now our communication system has evolved into thousands of languages that are geographically dispersed. There are many interesting facts related to language and linguistics, and this list contains 10 of the best facts related to the field.

Complex Chinese

If you want to read a daily edition of any Chinese newspaper, you will need to know at least 2,000 different characters. The Chinese alphabet has nearly 50,000 characters in all.

Lord Of The Languages

The popular fantasy series ‘Lord of The Rings’ uses 12 imaginary languages. People around the world actually study these languages as well.

Unique Language

The only language in the world that is not related to any other language is Basque. It is spoken in the mountainous regions of Spain and France.

Losing A Language

Ayapaneco, a language spoken in Mexico was nearly about to die out because the last two people who knew the language refused to speak to one another after having an issue. The two have now made amends and have even opened a school to help keep the language alive.

O My God!

There are 13 different ways in which you can spell the ‘o’ sound in French.

Linguistics In Luxembourg

Luxembourg really wants their children to be diverse linguistically. Nearly 50% of a child’s education is devoted to learning a different language here.

Holy Bible Travels

The Bible happens to be the most translated book in the world, having been translated into 2,454 different languages.

Diversity In Union

The European Union has 24 official languages, while the United Nations has 6.

Nation Of Many Languages

South Africa holds the record for most official languages for any country. It has 11 official languages.

Botswana Clicks

One particular language in Botswana only uses 5 distinct clicking sounds to make up the entire language.