Icelandic Winds Making Drinking A Little Difficult


Mark Tretter recently took a trip to Iceland in an effort to enjoy the island country, but he didn’t completely realize how windy the place really was during this time of the year. That, of course, gave him the idea for the video you see before you in all its hilarity.

Tretter decided he was going to stand in a particularly windy spot and attempt to drink a bottle of water. Not a single drop managed to get in his mouth while he tried this, though. He even managed to fall on the ground as the wind swept him off his feet.

“For those of you wondering, I was in the (wind) shadow of the fantastic hotel at Budir Iceland, I had already lost my pair of eyeglasses in a prior venture into the wind, then decided to make this scene inspired by a video I saw made at the top of Mount Washington decades ago where a couple was served breakfast out on the patio of the observation deck in a [howling] 100+ MPH wind. I estimate the wind this day was about 75-80 MPH.”