20 Windshield Notes That Will Make Your Day

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People that park terribly sometimes make you want to key their cars, break a tail light or smash their side view mirrors. Sometimes a small gesture can express your disgust better than violence. In this case, windshield notes are the best way for drivers to communicate, especially when they want to avoid angry confrontations, vandalism, property damage and arrests. Perhaps you just want to leave a positive expression or even tell a driver that they’ve really been horrible for quite some time. A quick windshield note will probably do the trick, although we have seen some that are carefully thought out, designed and professionally printed. Either way, here is a list of some of the best windshield notes ever caught on camera that will definitely make your day!

Nonsocial Media

You are disliked. That’s huge, considering we’ve been wanting a dislike button for years.

Forewarned Food Fight

They’re clearly telling you that your car will be pelted with vegetables next time.

Time for a Paddlin

Don’t test a person who takes the time to perfectly draw a Simpson’s character to get a point across.

No One Here Likes You

I guess someone had to be the one to tell you that your car is a menace on its own.


A lot of time wasted on telling you that my morning and grammar are now at risk because of your poor parking choice.

Love Note

What a lovely poem to write to someone — it’d only be better if it actually rhymed.

Ferret At The Wheel

Let’s just hope, for the sake of the driver, that they’re just a bad driver all on their own.

Neighbor to Neighbor

We thought we liked you.

Free Condom

Your parking makes people hope you don’t ever reproduce. Your behavior even prompted them to willfully assist you in not having kids.

Welcome To The Hood

These good neighbors want the newcomer to feel a little more welcomed. Epic Win!

You Bloody Idiot

Being taken as a bloody sardine is apparently a bloody insult.

Optimus Pissed

Let’s just hope that Optimus doesn’t destroy your car next time.

Spot Can Be Very Helpful

Hopefully Spot will help them find their own spot and use it from now on.

Prize Confirmation

You’ve basically won a prize for being a jerk for an entire month. Not sure if I want to know what that prize is.

Should’ve Pulled Out

If you didn’t get this one, he’s saying he wishes you were never born.

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy cat is everywhere — even in parking lots.

Licensed Disgust

This one’s anger had to be articulated by Mickey himself.

Pro comedian

Another pleasant parking note left by someone who reduced their parking abilities to their sex life. Let’s just hope they’re better at the latter.

Closer Look

This person took the time to draw how they think your brain looks and functions.

Rewarded For Failure

This one was given a “Shit Parking Award” along with balloons and festivities. Only thing missing from this party is the people that hate him.