20 Windshield Notes That Will Make Your Day

People that park terribly sometimes make you want to key their cars, break a tail light or smash their side view mirrors. Sometimes a small gesture can express your disgust better than violence. In this case, windshield notes are the best way for drivers to communicate, especially when they want to avoid angry confrontations, vandalism, property damage and arrests. Perhaps you just want to leave a positive expression or even tell a driver that they’ve really been horrible for quite some time. A quick windshield note will probably do the trick, although we have seen some that are carefully thought out, designed and professionally printed. Either way, here is a list of some of the best windshield notes ever caught on camera that will definitely make your day!

Nonsocial Media

You are disliked. That’s huge, considering we’ve been wanting a dislike button for years.

Forewarned Food Fight

They’re clearly telling you that your car will be pelted with vegetables next time.

Time for a Paddlin

Don’t test a person who takes the time to perfectly draw a Simpson’s character to get a point across.

No One Here Likes You

I guess someone had to be the one to tell you that your car is a menace on its own.