20 Weirdest And Pointless Phone Apps

Places I’ve Pooped

Some people like to remember the places they’ve had passionate love with their significant lover or a random hookup at a bar. Others like to log where they happened to have a “road win.”

Run and Pee

Perhaps the most useful app out of all of these. Find different poses to hold while watching a movie, or even better — find out when the best time to leave the movie is.

Sleep Sheep

Don’t worry about needing to count sheep to try and fall asleep. Watching this extremely boring app of sheep jumping a fence over and over will knock you out in minutes.


We’re unsure why you’d even bother with this app. Perhaps somebody that’s trying to weed themselves off of the booze can picture themselves playing with a glass. Once somebody masters actually getting beer from a smartphone, then this app could be the greatest of all time.