20 Weird And Shocking Places Around The World

Badab-E-Surt, Iran

Amongst all the strife in the Middle East, no one thinks about all the truly beautiful, wild and weird places that exist there, such as Badab-E-Surt, in Iran. This place is made up of multi-colored terraces created by two springs with different mineral content, one of those minerals being iron oxide, lending the terraces their red, yellow and orange hues.

Thor’s Well, Oregon

This place is also known as “Spouting Horn,” and for good reason: when the water’s rough, the water rushes into a giant sinkhole, then shoots up with a huge amount of force. When you do go visit this place, be sure and stay well away from the sinkhole, especially during the winter.

Centralia, PA, U.S.

Speaking of sinkholes, this city is probably one of the most dangerous to visit – if you dare. Not only has this city had a fire mysteriously burning in it for years, residents have actually been encouraged to leave, especially when a young boy fell into a sinkhole in his backyard in the 1980’s. But some people have stubbornly refused to leave, and on top of this, Centralia is so spooky that it was the inspiration for the “Silent Hill” movie.

San Zhi Resort, Taiwan

This was supposed to be a relaxing, futuristic neighborhood area, but was abandoned after several mysterious deaths occurred during construction. So these structures that look like small UFOs have been just sitting there unused. Your guess is as good as anyone’s why the deaths even occurred, or who—or what—might have been the culprit.