20 Things That Single People Can Relate To

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Navigating the world as a single person has become increasingly tricky in this day and age. With friends pairing up all around you, it can feel like everyone you know is dropping like flies. When you’re the last single person in your group of friends, a lot of strange events can start happening to you, and if you’ve been on the receiving end of any one of these things, then we feel your pain. Without further ado, here are twenty things single people can relate to.

You Will Have To Explain Why You’re Single

For some reason, most people require an entire history to back up the fact that you’re single. A simple explanation just won’t do, so you have to go back years in your romantic life to justify your current status. Lucky you.

You Will Get Depressed By TV Relationships

What is it with TV? Everything on screen is so obviously faked and romanticized and yet, you can’t help but feeling completely depressed that you don’t have a relationship like the ones on your favorite show.

You WIll Begrudgingly Download Tinder

Tinder is never a good idea and yet, by the third hour of having to explain your single status, you’re willing to do anything to shut everyone up. As soon as you find a match, you freak out and delete the app.

You Will Vow Never To Go On Blind Dates Again

Every single one of your friends seems to know someone who will be perfect for you and over time, you have reluctantly let them set you up on a blind date. After the 15th cringe worthy dinner, you vow to never again trust your friends.

You Will Bring A Hip Flask To Every Wedding

Weddings are a whole other ballgame when you’re single and trying to navigate the pool of smug couples can be a real challenge. Luckily, you have a hip flask to keep you sane; without it, you would completely lose your mind.

You WIll Always Catch The Bouquet

Somehow, you are always the recipient of the bride’s bouquet, even if you didn’t stand up to catch it. You pretend to play along but by now, you’re pretty sick of the whole thing.

You WIll Think About Deleting Every Friend Who Is Engaged On Facebook

All of a sudden, every single one of your friends seems to be pairing off with their partners. Love is fine and all that, but when it’s plastered all over your feed, it can be a bit much.

You Will Feel Sad When You See Happy Couples

Seeing happy couples walking down the street makes you feel unusually sad and even if you’re happy being single, you let out a melancholy sigh. Other people making you feel alone is the worst.

Your Friends Will Set You Up

Each weekend is the about same thing and you can’t remember the last time that you actually went on a real date. Your friends have awful taste in blind dates but by this point, you will try anything.

You Will Hear A Sad Song And Lose It

Most of the time, you go through your life with zero problems but as soon as Sam Smith starts singing on the radio, you completely lose your mind. There’s something about sad songs which rocks you to your core and makes you a blubbering mess.

You Will Spend Valentine’s Day In A Vat Of Food

For you, Valentine’s Day is just another excuse to eat whatever you like without the judging eyes of other people. You spend your evening perusing all of the takeaway menus and always end up ordering for 10.

Your Parents Will Always Worry About You

Despite your vibrant social life, incredible career and general happy status, your parents still seem worried about your future. The fact that they won’t be happy until you’re in a relationship sends you mad but you don’t have the heart to tell them.

You Will Over-Order Food To Meet The Minimum Amount

Like any normal person, you like to indulge in a takeaway from time to time but on the occasion that you try and order alone, you face a whole set of challenges. You always end up ordering for at least 3 people and facing the ridicule of the delivery guy.

You Will Always Save A Seat For Your Bag

Traveling or eating alone means lots of space for you and your stuff. You always save the seat next to you to give your belongings the space that they need and deserve.

You Will Lose All Faith In Humanity

The way that other people treat you when you’re single is so depressing that, over time, you consider becoming a hermit. Your blind dates have amounted to nothing and if things don’t improve, you might just have to flee society.

You Will Cut Out All Rom Coms

Romantic comedies are just too hard to handle and after one too many tear-induced viewings, you make the firm decision to cut them from your cinematic diet once and for all. Who needs fake love, anyway?

You Will Avoid All Couple’s Meals

There’s a reason why single people aren’t invited to couple’s meals and on the rare occasion that you turn up without a date, you curse yourself. There is nothing worse than the eyes of smug couples watching you trying to finish your meal.

You Will Invent A Partner

When you’ve been single for a long time, you start to take liberties with other people and it might not be long before you invent a long distance partner. Let’s face it, having someone that’s far away can often be easier than admitting you’re single.

You Will No Longer Care About Being Weird

After a while, though, something will change, and you will no longer care what other people think. Being single means having the space to do what you want, however weird it might be.

You Will Feel Sorry For Your Non-Single Friends

You look at your arguing couple friends and feel truly sorry for them. As they are shipped away to yet another in-law event over the weekend, you don’t even have to get out of bed, and there is nothing sweeter than that.