20 Struggles You Will Only Understand If You Don’t Like Caffeine

Hot drinks are what most of our relationships are based around. When we meet someone on a date, we go to a cafe. When we want to catch up with friends, we grab a coffee. When we’re feeling down, we buy a latte. What happens, though, when the thought of coffee makes your skin crawl and one taste of the drink sends shivers down your spine? Believe it or not, there are a whole load of people out there who hate coffee and tea and for them, everyday is filled with a number of very real struggles.

Making A Hot Drink For Your Boss

The pressure of getting your boss’ drink order right is intensified when you have no idea how to make coffee or tea. You have resigned yourself to the fact that, once they find out your dirty secret, you will probably get fired.

Being Judged By Your Friends And Family

No matter how many times you tell them, your friends and family just can’t seem to understand what you don’t like about coffee. Their endless questions and weird glances are all signs that they’re judging you and really, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Offending People When You Try To Explain Your Choices

Meeting people for the first time is full of potential pitfalls and danger spots. Having to explain to a new person why you don’t drink coffee is so exhausting that you have started telling blank faced lies. Here’s hoping they don’t ask you out to a cafe.

Having To Work More Because You Don’t Get A Coffee Break

People who drink coffee don’t realize how good they have it. You angrily watch your colleagues line up to make their own coffee orders, knowing deep down that you will never get to take part in their fun.

Being Excluded From The Hot Drink Gadget World

Apparently, the tech community can’t get enough of coffee and tea these days. With each new coffee gadget, you’re shown a painful glimpse of a world you will never belong to and every time, curse your childish tastebuds.

Feeling Constantly Less Hydrated Than Everyone Else

With the amount of tea and coffee everyone else drinks, you’re surprised that they even need to drink water at all. You try and keep up with your own water supplies but you just keep having to make a run for the bathroom.

Wondering What It Means To Be Craving Caffeine

The fact that you will never experience the initial pain and subsequent joy of a caffeine rush fills you with despair. The only thing you have craved is chocolate and that only leaves you feeling sick and exhausted.

Coming Off As The Bad Guy For Not Being Addicted

When you have to tell your friends for the hundredth time that you don’t drink caffeine, they shoot you angry scowls, as if you’re judging them. You want to tell them that you wish you did like coffee but you know that it’s no use.

Kidding Yourself That The Drinks Looks Really Good

What is it with cafes? They can manage to whip up a hot drink which looks so good, that you’re certain it won’t taste bad. On the rare occasion that you give in and make an order, you’re always disappointed, and left cursing the artistic skills of the barista.

Being Lured In By The Smell Of Hot Coffee

The smell of hot coffee is like no other in the world and if the drink really tasted how it smells, you would be game. Somehow, though, the drink always tastes like watery soil to you and you’re left befuddled as to why something can smell so good and taste so awful.

Feeling Like A Child For Ordering Hot Chocolate Instead

When you do make it to a cafe, you have to order the sweetest thing on the menu. Ordering a hot chocolate in December is all well and good but when it’s mid-June and you’re sweating like a pig, it can seem a little silly.

Struggling To Control Your Gag Reflex When You Give In

Even if you can try and convince your mind otherwise, there’s no fooling your body and when you try a tiny sip of coffee, your entire upper half recoils in disgust. From the physical reaction you have, people think you’re being overdramatic. They just don’t understand the pain of hating coffee.

Having To Tell Your Parents You Hate Their Drinks

Your parents try patiently to make you a hot drink that you will actually like and each time, but fail miserably. At first, you told them openly that you hated what they made for you but by now, you simply don’t have the heart.

Feeling Less Cosy In The Winter

Cosying up in cafes is what winter is all about and even though you like hot chocolate, you don’t want to drink it every day. You’ve become resigned to walking past the warm glow of a cafe, cursing yourself that you hate everything inside.

Not Knowing What To Do When You Need Comfort

When you feel sad, or tired, or need a hug, you’re at a loss of what to do. Tea and coffee drinkers look straight to the kettle for an instant boost but for you, it’s impossible to feel better.

Having To Explain Yourself A Million Times Per Day

Even though your friends and colleagues know that you hate coffee and tea, they always ask if you want a hot drink. You’re so fed up of answering them that you don’t drink coffee that you have stopped answering altogether.

Feeling Awkward When You’re Invited Out For Coffee

It’s always awkward being invited out for coffee, especially by people who don’t know you very well. Your attempts to convince them to visit other places are always met with confused looks and after a little convincing, you give in entirely.

Never Knowing What Coffee Hype Feels Like

When your friends are bouncing off the walls and moving at 100 miles per hour, you’re utterly confused. You would kill to be able to experience a caffeinated rush and move and get things done, but you just can’t get up the nerve.

Having To Wake Up Without Coffee

Mornings for you have no bright side and waking up on a Monday is a very bleak experience. You watch your friends sipping on their coffees with envy and wished that they would stop shoving it in your face.

Feeling Like A Social Failure

Coffee and tea are such huge parts of society, that you feel like you have failed your family in not liking hot drinks. You hold out hope that one day, things will be different but for now, you’re resigned to be an outcast.