20 Signs You’re Old Before Your Time

What did you do last night? Were you at a secret warehouse party, dancing with a bunch of strangers and drinking shots of tequila? Were you making your way to a underground speak-easy, in which the password was nearly as complicated as a physics equation? Or were you maybe tucked up in bed, binge-watching Game of Thrones and planning your food shopping for the week?

There are young souls and then there are old souls. If you’re not sure about where your fall on the spectrum, ask yourself this: Would you rather spend your Saturday on a spontaneous midnight cruise with a group of exotic strangers or would you prefer to be devouring an entire pizza and falling asleep to Broad City? Don’t lie to yourself.

You Have A Crafting Corner In Your Apartment

What started off as a weekend knitting hobby has now grown into a fully fledged crafting obsession. Your friends and family have begrudgingly come to accept that Christmas gifts are always handmade.

You Live Vicariously Through Reality TV

You talk about the Kardashians as if you know them. You watch The Hills on repeat because you have all six seasons on DVD. You know that, if you were a member of the cast, you would have never chosen Jason over Paris.

If You Do Go Out, The Music Is Always Too Loud

A night out is a rare occurrence and when it does happen, things never seem as good as they once did. The music’s not as good any more, the club is too crowded and some inconsiderate jerk just spilled vodka on your clean shoes. It’s a nightmare.

You’re Designated Driver By Default

Your friends don’t even ask if you can give them a lift home after a night out, it’s just a given now. Your only rule is that they don’t vomit in the car. Stains are a nightmare to get out of upholstery.