20 Of The Funniest Boat Name Fails Ever

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Ah, summer time! Time to enjoy cool drinks, the hot sun, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to cruise on a boat at some point, too. For those of you who own your own boat, you may recall the difficult decision of naming it. This name is important as it will be displayed on the side of the boat for everyone to see. Most people can come up with a relatively normal and safe name for their boat. However, a few boat owners didn’t think their chosen boat name through too well, or they did and they’re in on the joke. Either way, here are 20 of the funniest boat names ever.

Aqua Fart

It almost sounds like it could also be the name of a really terrible perfume. Wonder if it’s trademarked?

Taco the Town

Imagine how much fun a Cinco de Mayo party would be aboard the Taco the Town! It must be fish tacos they’re talking about, and the freshest ones ever too!

Amy’s Wine House

Ahhh, too soon? Or was this boat named before Amy Winehouse died? Wouldn’t Amy’s Wine Boat be more appropriate?


It’d be nice to think that these abbreviations meant something other than what they usually do, but there aren’t enough words that begin with Q to figure it out.

Gay Wind

You might see this boat cruising through Florida, enjoying a joyous breeze. You might even call it a gay wind!

Fish and Chicks

What more could a guy want? This would be the perfect boat for a bachelor party weekend!


If the captain of this boat doesn’t wake you up each morning with the most delicious scrambled eggs you’ve ever had, what’s the point? Either that or he’s got something illegal on his boat.

Cirrhosis of the River

Cirrhosis is a chronic disease of the liver, so we’re either guessing they’re using it as a synonym of liver to rhyme with liver, or they’re oblivious to the actual meaning. And the beer mug just adds insult to injury!

The Codfather

That’s one boat you don’t want to mess with, or you’ll have the Codfather to answer to!


Superdong could also be the name of a follow up song to Nicki Minja’s “Super Bass,” and Super Bass would also be a great name for a fishing boat. Funny how that works.

Shameless Hooker

They probably named this boat the Shameless Hooker because of how they shamelessly hook fish, but it’s still fun to pretend that maybe they didn’t.

Yeah Buoy

This boat is probably docked in the Jersey Shore somewhere because it sounds exactly like what The Situation would name a boat.

Marlin Monroe

Any fish caught off of the Marlin Monroe must be blonde, curvy, and absolutely beautiful.

Vitamin Sea

Maybe if this boat were in better shape, getting a dose of Vitamin Sea might not sound as scary as it does.

Wasted Seamen

Here’s another boat that would be great for a boy’s weekend. Their girlfriends might not be too pleased to see the pictures from the trip afterwards though!

Seas the Day

Seas the Day is all about carpe diem and catching all the carp you can while you live the nautical life to the fullest!

Pier Pressure

Did this boat owner get “pier pressured” into naming this punny boat or did they come up with it on their own?

Unsinkable II

Well, this is awkward. What happened to the first Unsinkable? The Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable, too…

A Salt Weapon

Another witty boat name. Who knew there were so many clever options for boat names and water humor?

Piece of Ship

That’s what they call a Freudian “ship,” right? At least they don’t have any misconceptions about the quality of their boat.