20 Signs That You’re A French Person At Heart

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France. It’s a place that we all know through movies and if we’re lucky enough, have been able to visit in real life. On our holidays, we live like the French do, taking wine with our lunch and stuffing our stomachs with every bread-related product out there. For some of us, though, it’s not enough; a few weeks here and there don’t satisfy our France-cravings and we need something a little more hefty to fix our need. If you find yourself longing for a French accent, or humming along to the La Marseillaise, you could be a secret French person and if that’s the case, the only way to sort things once and for all is to emigrate.

You Take Your Coffee Black

If even a drop of milk gets into your coffee, you take it back. Coffee is there to be enjoyed in one way and one way only and if it’s not hot, strong and dairy-free, you’re not interested.

You Have A Thing For Stripes

Yes it’s a massive cliché but you think that stripes look so good with everything. As well as being well stocked up on your signature blue and white stripes, you also like to experiment with different colors. Black, preferably.

You’re Exceptionally Polite

If you enter into a shop, you greet the person behind the till. If you are joined in an elevator, you say hello to everyone inside. You think that all people should be acknowledged and if that takes a little extra time out of your day, so be it.

You Add Cream To Everything

When you’re cooking any meal, dairy is the first thing on your mind. It’s no secret that cream and chicken are a match made in culinary heaven and if you could add an entire pot of the stuff onto your dinner, you would.

You Don’t Care About Customer Service

Let’s face it; you don’t go shopping to make small talk with the shop assistant and if nobody says anything to you at the till, you don’t really care. Pretty handy, then, that in France, shop assistants are rarely chatty or sociable.

You Never Socialise On Public Transport

There’s only one place that you look when riding the subway or taking a bus and that’s the floor. Performers and socialisers on public transport make you incredibly uncomfortable and all you want to do is drift away into your thoughts.

You Own A Cat

Your cat is your fashion statement and goes everywhere with you. Most likely a pure bred, you dress your cat in miniature fashion items and the fact that they’re largely aloof works perfectly for you.

You Love Jazz

On a Saturday night, you can be found in a dark jazz cave on the wrong side of the tracks, tapping along to the double bass riff. Whilst your friends don’t get your obsession, you don’t care; jazz is to be enjoyed alone.

Cheese Is Your Life Blood

Cheese withdrawal is a real thing and something that you have probably experienced in your life. Your friends just don’t get cheese in the same way that you do and when you go their houses, you make sure to bring your own supply of fromage.

You Only Wear Black

You know the black makes you look thinner and makes every outfit look so much better. If you could, you would wear black to every event and occasion but you’re pretty sure that your best friend wouldn’t forgive you for wearing it at their wedding.

You Wrap Up In The Summer Time

There is no occasion which calls for bare legs and shoulders; your leather jacket is with you at all times and if you’re not wearing a scarf of some sort, you feel completely naked. Weather aside, you have to have layers every day.

You Only Have Complicated Relationships

You’ve had your fair share of love affairs and romances but they always somehow turn out badly. Initial passions turn sour after a month or so and the whirlwind you were wrapped up in soon peters out into a memory.

Sunday Is Brunch Day

There is only one type of meal that you would consider eating on a Sunday and if there aren’t pastries, fruit compotes and coffee on the table, you’re simply not interested. Your week builds up to the prospect of Sunday brunch.

Bread Is A Vegetable To You

Other people’s warnings that bread will make you fat mean nothing to you; you eat bread products with every single meal and the more buttery they are, the better.

You Hate Tourists

When you visit any city, you despair at the sight of tourists taking photographs and queuing for monuments. You like to scout out places that only the locals know about and if you can’t hear the native language being spoken, you know that you’re in the wrong spot.

You’re A Secret Romantic

Even though your own love life might not be panning out the way that you had hoped, you still believe in true love. The sight of couples walking hand in hand into the sunset fills you with hope and even though you know it’s cheesy, you can’t help but shed a tear.

You Speak Your Mind. A Lot.

Your friends and family lovingly describe you as “headstrong” but in reality, it’s a whole lot worse. If someone says something that you don’t agree with, you have no problem with speaking your mind; there’s no such thing as burying your feelings.

You Know Your Neighbors

As soon as you moved in, you introduced yourself to each of your neighbors. Instead of avoiding them when you leave the house, you invite them over for coffee, chat the local gossip and give them baked goods.

You Drink Wine With Lunch

Business lunches are just an excuse to drink wine with your meal and any discerning lunch table comes equipped with a good bottle or two. You think that wine helps to get the juices flowing and without it, you couldn’t imagine getting anything done.

You Think Out Loud

When you’re alone, walking down the street or shopping in public, you tell yourself what you’re thinking. Company is overrated to you and as long as you’re by yourself, you know that you can say whatever you want.