20 Shocking Tan Lines You’ll Have to See To Believe

‘Tis the season to be overconfident about our skin’s ability to withstand direct sunlight for hours at a time. And with that, comes some major sunburning fails that result in super weird tan lines. Sun burns are a result of U.V. rays that cause the skin to become inflamed which gives it that lovely lobster red look. Really bad sunburns might even blister, and anyone who’s experienced that knows just how painful it is. These 20 people learned the sun safety lesson the hard way, and these hilarious tan lines they were left with will remind them of that for at least a few weeks.

Intricate Tan

This lady has extreme tan lines that look so organized and planned, right down to her thumb ring tan!

Baseball Cap Tan

Looks like this bald fellow was trying to be responsible and protect his scalp from the sun, but maybe a bucket hat would be a better option for next time.

Goggle Tan

By the looks of it, this guy wore his onion cutting goggles in the sun for too long. His eyes may have been protected, but the rest of his face sure wasn’t.

Cut Off Tan

This is a good reminder for this guy to never wear shorts that go any shorter than that, or maybe just stick to pants.