20 Shocking Tan Lines You’ll Have to See To Believe

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‘Tis the season to be overconfident about our skin’s ability to withstand direct sunlight for hours at a time. And with that, comes some major sunburning fails that result in super weird tan lines. Sun burns are a result of U.V. rays that cause the skin to become inflamed which gives it that lovely lobster red look. Really bad sunburns might even blister, and anyone who’s experienced that knows just how painful it is. These 20 people learned the sun safety lesson the hard way, and these hilarious tan lines they were left with will remind them of that for at least a few weeks.

Intricate Tan

This lady has extreme tan lines that look so organized and planned, right down to her thumb ring tan!

Baseball Cap Tan

Looks like this bald fellow was trying to be responsible and protect his scalp from the sun, but maybe a bucket hat would be a better option for next time.

Goggle Tan

By the looks of it, this guy wore his onion cutting goggles in the sun for too long. His eyes may have been protected, but the rest of his face sure wasn’t.

Cut Off Tan

This is a good reminder for this guy to never wear shorts that go any shorter than that, or maybe just stick to pants.

Criminal Tan Lines

Was he arrested for neglecting to apply sunscreen? We may never know.

Massive Fail Tan Lines

No, she isn’t wearing a brown and white shirt, she just made a really poor choice of outwear.

Man Purse Tan

As if guys needed another reminder that they should never wear man purses, this guy proves just how bad the resulting tan lines from one are.

Cereal Tanner

I mean, who HASN’T fallen asleep in the scorching hot sun with a bowl of cereal and a spoon on their lap? You’d think the burning metal of the spoon would be enough to wake you up.

Weapon Tan

Hopefully she lives in a state that allows you to have a gun on you, otherwise this is pretty incriminating evidence!

Lonely Tan Lines

The saddest thing about this sloppy sun burn is that the guy clearly tried to put sunscreen on his back but missed half of it. That’s why friends are so important to have around!

Sock Tan

You normally see this kind of sock tan on middle-aged golfers. But by the looks of those pretty red toenails, this is no middle aged man.

Strappy Shoe Tan

What seems more painful: the shoes she had to wear to get this tan in the first place, or the sunburn itself?

Farmer Tan

This guy must be one dedicated farmer. It looks like he’s spent every day for the last 12 years outside with a t-shirt on.

Permanent Tanktop

This lady gets to wear a white tank top every day for the next six weeks or so, whether she likes it or not.

Confusing Tan

Let’s play a game: First person to guess how this girl ended up with these specific tan lines wins a bottle of sunscreen!

One Piece

Oh, the joys of wearing a one piece bathing suit! You may get added coverage, but you also get added odd tan lines.

Telltale Tan

If you ask this guy “boxers or briefs” he’ll tell you “bra and panties,” and his tan lines prove it.

Hobbit Tan

Does anyone else think this is what Frodo’s feet would look like if he wore sandals to the beach?

Tanning SUrprise

Of all the characters to have a bikini tan line, this guy is probably the most surprising. At least he seems pretty happy about it!

Croc Tan

As if Crocs weren’t bad enough to begin with, they go and leave tan lines, or rather, tan circles, like this. How rude.