20 Shocking Coincidences That Will Blow Your Mind

Adam ‘Shakespeare’ Shulman

Anne Hathway’s husband, Adam Shulman, bears a striking resemblance to William Shakespeare. Funnily enough, William Shakespeare was actually married to a woman named Anne Hathaway.

Luckiest Man In The World

Bill Morgan’s life took a quicker U-turn than anyone would think was possible. He was admitted to a hospital because of a fatal medical condition and was even declared dead for 14 minutes. He miraculously managed to survive the ordeal and decided to purchase a lottery ticket to celebrate the occasion. His lottery ticket managed to win him a car worth 27,000 dollars. When asked to replicate the scene on camera, he purchased another lottery ticket which won him a jackpot of 250,000 dollars.

The Lincoln-Kennedy Connection

If Hitler and Napoleon shared numerous similarities, so did two of America’s greatest Presidents, Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. They were both over 6 feet tall, they studied law, shared a rare genetic disease, served in the military, were assassinated with a gunshot to the head and were next to their wives during their assassinations. Strangely enough, Lincoln sat in box No.7 in the theater while Kennedy rode in Car No.7 in the parade.

Galactic Optical Illusion

As you might have noticed, sometimes the Sun and the Moon appear to be of the same size despite us knowing that they aren’t. This is because of an incredible reason. The moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun while also being 400 times closer. That is some epic math on a cosmic scale.