20 Pictures That Prove It’s A Dog’s World And We Just Live In It

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If you are a dog owner it’s very likely that you spend much time and money on your pet. Maybe you buy him the most expensive foods, or you take time to cook them fresh homemade meals. Maybe you like to buy them the best toys or dress them in rhinestone collars. Have you ever stopped and thought about who runs the relationship, you or the dog? Here are twenty photos that prove that dogs are in charge and we are just here to serve them.

You Take Up Space In Their Beds

You may think it’s your bed, and you may think that your dog is in bed with you because they love you and want to snuggle with you. But that isn’t the case.

They Want The Bed For Themselves

They are just ensuring you’ll be as uncomfortable as possible and get up early so they can take up the entire bed themselves.

They Eat The Best

Have you ever notice that your dog often eats better than you do?

They’ll Eat Anything You Do

Dogs are making sure they’ll survive without you, which is why even greens are on their OK list.

They Save, Serve And Protect

Dogs save lives, they join the military, and they find people that are lost. Yes, they are just as good at being saviors as people are. Go hug your dog now, then come back.

You Celebrate Their Birthdays

Here is proof Fido has you wrapped around his finger — you invite over friends and their pets to celebrate his birthday.

You Make Special Things For Them

And then you bake him his own doggy birthday cake.

They Know How To Dress

Dogs love to be stylish, so you know when you spend extra on a fancy collar you are allowing your pet to express themselves.

The Love Fun Holidays

Even dogs enjoy Halloween. Who needs kids when you can take your dogs trick or treating!

And They Like Christmas Too

It may have something to do with the delicious treats.

They Like Surprises

Or it could be about the presents. Admit it, you get your dog at least one Christmas gift each year, wrap it and put it under the tree.

They Love All

Dogs know that being masters of the universe is about bonding with creature great and small.

They Love To Take A Ride

And just in case they need some help getting there, they know how to hitch a ride. Who needs a car?

Dogs Are Clean Animals

But you’ll never see them cleaning up their own waste. Why do you think they have humans?

They Like To Look Good

Dogs enjoy a good grooming and they’ll show their appreciation with kisses.

They Enjoy Entertainment Too

Be honest, you’ve often wondered what was on your dog’s mind when he’s watching a TV show.

They Even Hold Jobs

Who needs people when dogs can do the job? They work to help disabled people, spend time in hospitals and even help save the lives of people with epilepsy!

They Also Enjoy The Hunt

Like people, some breeds of dogs like to make sure they have a hand in wildlife conservation.

They Like To Relax With A Brew

Just make sure you give them a dog friendly beer.

You Treat Them Like A Queen Or King

The honest truth? Dogs rule the world because their owners love them.