20 Photographs That Prove Harry Styles Has Always Been Adorable

Harry Styles has come a long way since his days in the tiny town of Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. Ever since his audition for The X Factor, Harry has become a household name all across the globe. Many people know him as a member of One Direction, and some may even recognize him as a former love of Taylor Swift (for which he is the supposed influence behind her songs “Out of the Woods” and “Style”). Despite how people know him, he is considered by nearly all to be the most adorable member of the band. Here is photographic proof that he has always been cute.

Baby Harry Was The Cutest Harry

We will start this off in the rightful place with baby Harry. Once upon a time, his dark locks were a sandy blonde, yet his baby blues were still the same.

Toddler Harry Is Just As Cute

Though Harry’s hair seems to have gotten darker rather quickly, those blue eyes still continued to get their way into everyone’s hearts. We imagine he was the heartbreaker on the playground.

He’s Always Known How To Dress

Little Harry knew how to stand out against the crowd in terms of fashion. The hat/pacifier/gloves combo was definitely working for him.

He’s Always Been This Sweet

Little Harry is pictured here with his older sister, Gemma, as their cuddle their teddy bears. Look at how happy Harry is to have his little one?

He’s Always Been Silly

Here, Harry is seen giving the camera a thumbs up while the other kids just smile. He appears to have always had a mind of his own and embraced his silly side.

He Knows You Can’t Have A Birthday Without A Cool Hat

It’s a given, really. You cannot have a birthday unless you wear a unique hat. Take it from young Harry Styles.

His Creative Fashion Choices Didn’t End When He Was A Toddler

We can imagine that there was never a dull moment in the Styles’ house with Harry around. Moments like these were probably quite common.

He Looked Cute With Short Hair

It is strange to see Harry Styles without his trademark locks, but we have to admit, it does look cute on his younger self.

He Owned The Best Hats

Yet another great hat from Harry Styles himself. While this doesn’t appear to be for a birthday, he still understands the importance of a great hat in everyone’s wardrobe.

He Was A Scientist

Okay, so maybe this was a high school science class, but still. You have to admit that he looks cute in those safety googles.

He Embraced Music At A Young Age

Well, sort of. If you look at the picture on the right, it doesn’t appear like young Harry is having the best time of his life.

He Has A Nice Smile

Here is a bit of a rare picture in which it is just Harry, posing and smiling. Sometimes it’s nice just to have a simple photograph lying around.

He Thought He Could Do Makeup

While on a trip to Claire’s with some friends, Harry thought he knew how to do his makeup. The result ended in some serious pink blush. Think again, Harry, think again.

He’s Always Been Daring

Not many small children would go near a tarantula. Heck, not even most adults would go near one. The fact that he held it and smiled has to say something about him.

He’s Still Looks Cute In Glasses

Celebrities aren’t immune from everyday issues and Harry isn’t an exception. During his younger years, he had to wear glasses for a period of time. Even if he broke them out during his adulthood, there is no doubt that girl’s wouldn’t swoon.

He’s Always Been Smooth With The Ladies

While it is unclear who this girl is, we bet she is kicking herself for letting Harry go. Even at a young age, Harry knew just how to win a lady over.

He’s Always Had That Big Grin

Harry is known for many things, but one of them is his smile. Many young fans love to see those pearly whites and he’s always proud to show them off.

No, Seriously.

We weren’t joking when we said Harry was always smiling as a youngster. Here he is, just a few years older and his hair a bit longer, with yet another grin plastered on his face.

He Once Tried To Straighten His Hair

How many of us can say that we’ve tried to straighten our hair and looked a bit ridiculous when we did so? Harry Styles is the same. In this side-by-side created by a fan, Harry’s trademark locks are not only straightened, but they also stick out at strange angles.

He’s Always Been Brave

This was when the entire world met him. The beginning stages of X Factor had to have been terrifying for a sixteen year old boy, yet Harry held it together and put on a brave face the entire time.