10 Of The Craziest Things To Happen During Sex

Sex is one of the most awesome things in the entire world, so it makes sense to everyone that people yearn for it all day, every day. Sometimes, however, sex can go completely wrong — wrong to the point where someone gets injured or killed in the process. For whatever reason, a lot of people have found themselves on the wrong end of a good time. Here are ten of the craziest things to happen during sex, and hopefully none of these will ever happen to you.

Boss’s Piece

In China, a boss and his secretary decided to get down to business in his vehicle, which was parked at the time. The car was struck by a passing van, which caused the woman to bite the boss’s penis clean off.

Penis Captivus

Back in 2015, a huge crowd formed around a vehicle with a couple they thought had been locked together by a witch doctor’s curse. In reality, the cheating woman and her lover were stuck due to penis captivus, which is a rare condition where the woman’s vagina contracts and traps the penis inside.