20 Of The World’s Strangest Rental Homes

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Ever want to spend the night in a shoe? What about a UFO? Or a cave? Or what about in a dog-shaped house? When you are on the search for a rental home for a nice long vacation, there are options everywhere. Some of these options are incredibly unique. For the brave and curious, they can create vacation memories to last a life-time. Here are some of the strangest rental properties found around the world.

Who Wants To Spend The Night In A Dog?

This property, as you can see, is shaped like a dog. Someone who loves dogs must have thought up this design, as only someone who loves dogs would likely want to stay here.

A New Angle On Life

Here is a house you can stay in for a new perspective on the world. With all of these unusual angles, one can only imagine that all of these windows are likely in some very strange places in the rooms.

Want A Keg?

This family decided that the best shape for a guest house was a barrel. At least you don’t have to go far to get into bed. It looks like the bed goes right up against the door.

Boombox house

Transport yourself back to 1980 by rocking your boombox in the boombox house!

Who doesn’t want to stay in a castle?

Everyone on the planet probably wanted to live in a castle when they were about 7-years-old. Now, you can indulge that inner child by staying in a castle. Many house rental groups have castle or castle look-a-likes on their listings.

For Your Inner Hobbit

You can imagine you’re Frodo Baggins while you’re on vacation in this unique rental home built into a hill.

James And The Giant Peach

And while we’re alluding to classic books, this rental can’t help but remind you of James and the Giant Peach. This globular house would be unique on the ground, but it looks positively fruit-like hanging in a tree.

What Is This?

It’s pretty, but what is it? They all it the Onion House. With that design, plants, and pool, it looks like a tropical paradise.

Want To Stay In A Cave?

What to stay in a cave for your vacation? The cave isn’t nearly as weird as the fact there is no wall between the bed and the bathroom. No one wants that little privacy when they are bathing or using the toilet, right?

Moss-Covered Tee-Pee In The Woods

This house is positively cozy and, no, none of it is underground. What you see is what you get. Hopefully you love the outdoors!

Is There A House Here?

Your eyes are probably wondering if this listing is a mistake. It is no mistake. See the cube shape. The house is completely covered in mirrors. It makes the home very unique. In a sense, it is a way to camoflauge it in the woods.

Plane Turned Rental Home

How cool is that! It probably cost a fortune to build.

Pyramid House

This lovely home is shaped, as you can see, like two pyramids. It makes you wonder, what does it look like on the inside?

Blast From The Past

The perfect vacation spot for someone wishing for a simpler, more stylish past. This could probably make some people feel like kids again.

She Sells Sea Shells…

This is a seashell shaped home done right. So clean, so smooth, it’s just really pretty.

All Aboard!

With so many old train cars rotting in junkyards all over the world, this is an awesome way to make them into something new. Anyone who loves the train is bound to love this!

Unidentified Landed Object

This UFO-shaped house is featured on many lists of unusual rental houses. You could imagine the waiting list on this house is long.

Unique Among Equals

This rental home is unusual surrounded by identical homes that share in that trait. This one is appropriately located on Easter Island, the home of the famous, mysterious statues.

Living In A Wagon

Here the Oregon Trail can come to life, hopefully without the dysentery. Imagine life on the frontier in the luxury of a modern rental home.

There Was An Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe

What about this? This would be something to tell everyone about. “Hey, I spent my vacation living in a shoe!