10 Incredible People With An Extra Body Part

When an extra body part begins growing on a baby while they are still inside of the mother’s womb, it can be life-threatening forever. Obviously, this is when an extra body part would begin to grow anyway. Often times such as a medical mystery is usually linked to a twin that was conceived but absorbed by the stronger child in the womb. At first glance, you can never really tell someone who has an extra body part anywhere on their person. It can take a bit of effort to locate in some cases. Here are ten incredible people with an extra body part.

Jayan Varma-White

People have a very distinct fear of losing their teeth. Jayan Varma-White, the son of NBC contributor Kavita Varma-White, was born with an extra pair of incisors inside of his mouth. These two extra teeth were built into the gums on the bottom portion of his mouth.

Dan Aziere

Dan Aziere, of Danbury, Connecticut, suffered from a rare condition known as hereditary exostoses, which caused him to grow an extra 92 bones in addition to the normal 206. These bones grew around his joints and rib cages, and were noticeable in his knees.