Emma Chamberlain Net Worth

Emma Chamberlain Net Worth
Net Worth: $12 Million
Salary: $2 Million Per Year
Real Name: Emma Frances Chamberlain
Date of Birth: 22nd May 2001
Age: 23 years old
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.64 m)
Profession: YouTuber, Internet Celebrity, Entrepreneur, TV Producer
Nationality: American
Updated: 5th July 2023
Emma Chamberlain Net Worth:
$12 Million

Emma Chamberlain's Salary

$2 Million Per Year

Emma Chamberlain has been a sensational internet personality. She made most of her fortune from her successful YouTube career. Emma has over 11 million subscribers on her channel and often posts videos about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. In addition to her YouTube earnings, Emma also makes money from sponsored content and brand deals. Emma Chamberlain first started posting to her Youtube account in 2016. Since then, her channel has grown tremendously in popularity. Emma Chamberlain has also been featured on Target’s Youtube channel.

In just a few years, she’s gone from being a relatively unknown YouTuber to one of the most popular creators on the platform. Thanks to her massive success on YouTube, Emma Chamberlain’s net worth is growing. Let’s take a look at how she makes her money and net worth.

What’s Emma Chamberlain Net Worth?

Emma Chamberlain has been making much progress in recent years. In 2019, her channel was ranked the seventeenth most popular in the United States. She has also been included in Forbes’ top social media influencers list. 

Emma Chamberlain’s net worth is estimated at around $12 million. Most of Emma Chamberlain’s net worth comes from her successful YouTube career. Contributing to Emma Chamberlain annual salary is also her Chamberlain coffee brand.

Emma earns significant money from the ads that are played before and during her videos. She also makes money from sponsored content and brand deals. In 2019, Emma made an estimated $8 million from her YouTube channel alone.

In addition to her income from YouTube, she also makes money from other sources. Emma Chamberlain launched a merch line where she sells clothes, accessories, and other products. 

Her merch is often sold out soon after it is released. Emma’s clothing line includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets. She also sells phone cases, tote bags, and other accessories.

Emma also earns money from her podcast, “The Emma Chamberlain Show.” On her podcast, Emma discusses a variety of topics with her guests. These topics include fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and pop culture.

Besides, Emma Chamberlain has worked with several different brands. She has been an ambassador for Hollister’s clothing brand and worked with the fashion retailer Forever 21. Emma has also done promotional work for the beauty brands Sephora and Colourpop.

She is also a vlogger posting travel vlogs on her YouTube channel. These videos are sponsored by different brands and help Emma Chamberlain earn additional income.

What is Her Internet Content Like?

Emma Chamberlain’s content mainly focuses on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She often posts haul videos, showing off the new clothes and products she has bought. Emma also posts videos about her everyday life, such as what she eats in a day or how she styles her hair.

In addition to her fashion and lifestyle videos, Emma Chamberlain also posts vlogs and travel videos. These videos are sponsored by different brands and help her earn additional income. 

Emma’s vlogs offer viewers a behind-the-scenes look at her life and provide an insight into her personality. She also touched on DIY projects, make-up tips, hair tutorials, and other topics that her viewers are interested in.

She consistently posts new videos on her YouTube channel and keeps her viewers updated about her life. Emma Chamberlain’s content is entertaining and relatable, which is why she is so popular among teenagers. 

Her viral video “I Tried Following a Weird Makeup Tutorial” has been viewed over 22 million times. In an ABC news nightline interview, Emma Chamberlain talked about how she became successful on YouTube. 

She said she started her channel because she was bored and wanted to do something creative. Emma’s decision to start vlogging has undoubtedly paid off, as she is now one of the most popular YouTubers in the world.

Emma’s Early Life

Emma Chamberlain was born in San Francisco, California, on May 22, 2001. Her father is Michael Chamberlain, and her mother is Sophie Tilbrook. Emma’s parents divorced when she was young, and her mother raised her.

Emma Chamberlain attended a Catholic school in San Francisco called Notre Dame High school. She was a good student and involved in many extracurricular activities. 

Emma was in the cheerleading and track teams and was also a member of the school’s theater group. She attended central middle school before Notre Dame High School. After graduating from high school, Emma Chamberlain decided to pursue acting. 

She moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in an acting program at the Playhouse West School of Acting. Emma’s acting career did not take off as she had hoped, but her parents always supported her dreams. Her father told her to find where her passion lies and to pursue it.

It was during this time that Emma Chamberlain began posting videos on YouTube. She started her channel as a way to document her everyday life and share her interests with the world. Emma’s early videos mainly were vlogs and travel videos.

What is Her Charity Work Like?

Emma Chamberlain is involved in several charitable organizations. She is an ambassador for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and has helped to raise money for the organization. Emma has also worked with the Humane Society and has participated in several fundraisers for the charity.

In addition to her charity work, Emma Chamberlain is also involved in environmental causes. She has spoken out about the importance of recycling and reducing plastic waste. Emma has also partnered with the brand Reformation to promote sustainable fashion.

What Are Her Hobbies and Interests?

Emma Chamberlain enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is also a big fan of animals and has two cats, Max and Louise. Emma enjoys traveling and has been to various countries, including France, Italy, and Spain.

Some of Emma’s other hobbies include photography, cooking, and baking. She is also a fashion fan and often posts pictures of her outfits on social media. Emma said she would like to start her clothing line one day.


Net Worth: $12 Million

Salary: $120,000 to $2 million Per Year

Real Name: Emma Frances Chamberlain

Date of Birth: May 22, 2001 (21 years old)

Gender: Female

Height: 5 ft 4 (1.64 m)

Profession: YouTuber, internet celebrity, entrepreneur, tv producer

Nationality: American

Fun Facts About Emma Chamberlain

  • Emma Chamberlain is of Irish, English, and German descent.
  • Emma’s favorite color is blue.
  • Emma has two cats named Max and Louise.
  • Emma is a fan of the Harry Potter series.


  1. How much is Emma Chamberlain worth?

               Emma Chamberlain’s net worth is estimated to be $12 million.

  1. How old is Emma Chamberlain?

               Emma Chamberlain was born on May 22, 2001, and is 21.

  1. What is Emma Chamberlain’s real name?

              Emma Chamberlain’s real name is Emma Frances Chamberlain.

  1. What’s Emma Chamberlain’s Nationality?


  1. What’s Emma Chamberlain’s Height?

              Emma Chamberlain’s height is 5 ft 4 (1.64 m).

Emma Chamberlain FAQs

What is Emma Chamberlain Net Worth?

Emma Chamberlain net worth is currently $12 million USD.

How much money does Emma Chamberlain earn?

Emma Chamberlain earns $2 million per year from various sources.

How tall is Emma Chamberlain?

Emma Chamberlain is 5 ft 4 in (1.64 m)

How old is Emma Chamberlain?

Emma Chamberlain is currently 23 years old.

When is Emma Chamberlain birthday?

Emma Chamberlain birthday is on 22nd May.