20 Of The Whackiest Deep-Fried Foods

For some reason, we have an obsession with deep fryers. We can take the most healthy of things, like fruit, and throw some batter on it and deep fry the heck out of it to make it as unhealthy as possible! That is how we live and that is why we are a society with so many overweight people. We checked around and here are 20 of the craziest foods that have been deep-fried. Some look so good and some question that sanity of people!

Tequila Shots

This could, honestly, be a great thing to make for a party. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with tequila shots, but make sure the kids stay away from them!

Bubble Gum

For some of these, we wonder who came up with the concept. This would be one and why bubble gum? If it’s too hard to chew on it’s own, throw some batter on it and fry it up!

Mac and Cheese

While some ideas may seem crazy, we can also get on board with making them. Macaroni and cheese is amazing on its own, but we can support some deep fried mac and cheese balls!


Avocados have a lot of fat on their own, but it is a healthy fat. We will show those healthy fats a thing or two and deep fry the avocado and make sure they have unhealthy fats for people.