20 Mysteries Hidden in Our Deepest Oceans

Bigfin Squid

The bigfin squid was only recently discovered in the mid-2000’s off the coast of Hawaii. Since then, this particular sea creature has rarely been spotted or photographed. The tentacles on the squid are said to reach up to 16-feet in length.

Battle Snail

Snails are certainly not an impressive animal by any means, but what makes thing deepsea snails so unique is the thick layer of armor adorning their body. Found within the Indian Ocean, these snails use iron compounds in the form of scales to protect their fleshy bodies The United States Army is said to be using these snails to research improvements for their own armor.

Hydrothermal Vent Worms

These worms appear similar in appearance to lipstick contains, and are only found around hydrothermal vents deep under the ocean. They have neither a mouth nor a digestive system, yet continue to thrive for lengthy periods of time. Bacteria in the ocean are thought to be absorbed by these creatures for survival.

Gonatus Onyx

The Gonatus onyx squid features hooks under their arms to hold onto their massive egg mass for months at a time before hatching. This is one dedicated parent to hang onto their offspring for so very long.