10 Of The Most Interesting Micronations In The World

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Micronations are basically a “model country” or a “new country project” that claims to be an independent nation, but is not recognized by other world governments or international organizations and institutes. Some have really interesting stories and are just really cool places in general, but others are a little bit more strange and have really wacky backgrounds. Most of them unfortunately stem from an argument with their initial government. This list is a compilation of ten different micronations that are really cool.

Freetown Christiania

The name of this town is slightly deceiving, because there isn’t really a Christian base for it. It’s actually considered a “hippie paradise” located in Denmark.


Seborga is a small town in Italy. It has unfortunately been basically left out of every official Italian treaty for 1000 years. As a result, the town decided to declare itself an independent nation.

Kingdom of EnenKio

An originally American group of Marshall Islanders decided to become separatists. They founded an extremely small micronation on U.S. territory called Wake Island.


This is possibly the funniest one on the list. Talossa was created by Milwaukee resident Robert Madison. Talossa is his bedroom, and he claims that he invented the term “micronation.”

Conch Republic

When the U.S. highway patrol started setting up checkpoints along the Key West Florida region, the people living there started to get upset because it was hurting the tourist industry. What they did to counteract the U.S. government was declare themselves independent from the United States.

Whangamomona Republic

Whangamomona Republic is a micronation located in New Zealand, and the most interesting thing about it is that it has a goat as its president.

Glacier Republic

Glacier Republic is near the border of Argentina and Chile, and was founded by Greenpeace activists in 2014. While no one really lives there, the purpose of making it a micronation was to bring attention to the glaciers in the Andes mountains and to prevent mining expansion.


Not to be confused with Seaworld, Sealand was formerly an anti-aircraft gunnery station during World War II. Paddy Bates set up a pirate radio station on it after the war and declared it an independent nation.

Hutt River

Hutt River is a small plot of land located in Australia, and their leader calls himself Prince Leonard. It was supposedly seceded from Australia in 1970, but Australia doesn’t recognize it as an independent nation.


An Australian man named Paul Delprat got into an argument with the government about whether or not he could build a road on his property. He decided to declare his property an independent nation so that he didn’t have to listen to the governments rules. He actually got really into it and started wearing a crown.