20 Horrifying Pieces Of Cartoon Fan Art That Will Ruin Your Childhood

Cartoons are often the first television that people will come into contact with. They are generally designed for children and are an effective way to keep kids engaged and out of mischief. Because of this, cartoons normally feature lovable and friendly characters that have been drawn with plenty of color to appeal to children.

Some people, though, have taken our favorite cartoon characters and put their own unique twist onto them. Just like every other popular medium, cartoons have a whole community of artists who create their own pieces inspired by their most loved toons. While many of them are lighthearted artworks that simply try to invoke nostalgia, others are far more shocking.

What makes many of these pieces of art all the more creepy is the element of realism that has been added to them, making them lose all of their joyous charm. If you are prepared to have your childhood ruined and have nightmares about characters you once adored, continue on to these frankly horrifying pictures.

Charlie Brown

The main character from Peanuts showing exactly why he is always so nervous and anxious, by Tim O’Brien.

Beavis and Butt-head

A more realistic look at Mike Judge’s title characters from the hit animated sitcom, by Kevin Kirkpatrick.


If you met this popular Pokemon in real life you’d probably not try to fight it, by Becuo.


A morbid view at what Tweety bird might look like after death, by Hyungkoo Lee.