20 Fashionable Celebrities From The 90’s You Wanted To Look Like


Selena’s style was ahead of her time. She made the bedazzled bustiers and sequin outfits popular in the early 90’s. Selena made most of the outfits herself.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani always dared to be different. She would often switch up her hair color from the platinum blonde to various bold colors. Stefani is still a fashion icon years later.


Women loved Usher and the men wanted to be like him. Aside from his boyish charm, Usher was known for that extraordinary six pack.


The rap duo made it known they stood out from the rest of the crowd, hence the name OutKast. From Big Boi’s smooth swagger to André 3000’s eccentric style, OutKast definitely made their mark on 90’s fashion.