11 Things You Didn’t Know About The Apple Watch

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Techies all over the world will probably remember exactly where they were when they heard about the impending release of Apple’s iPhone compatible smart watch, dubbed the Apple Watch. This fascinating piece of equipment allows you to interact with it in more than a dozen ways. Outside of all its remarkable capabilities it also tells the time – after all it is still a watch. You might have heard about the incredible features that come equipped with this gadget but, here are 11 amazing things you probably didn’t know about the Apple Watch!

It Allows You To Take Screenshots

This feature will certainly come in handy for those of us who need to save something in the blink of an eye. Just press a simple button and viola, you have a screenshot.

You Can’t Use The Watch To Start Or Stop Calls On Your iPhone

You can make and answer calls on the Apple Watch, and then hand them off to your iPhone to continue the call there. However if you want to connect headphones to your iPhone then use the watch to dial a number, you will be sadly disappointed. If you want to start or stop a call on your iPhone the watch won’t allow you to do that either.

It Saves A Backup On Your Phone

Users will be happy to know that the Apple Watch backs up its data to your iPhone. So if you reformat or even wipe the data from the watch, your previous settings, apps and all other information can be restored.

The Vibrational Haptic Sensations Are Very Subtle

What this means is that when your Apple Watch vibrates, it is very subtle. If you don’t have sensitive skin, you might even miss a call or two. Don’t worry though, if you prefer something more aggressive you can increase the strength by going into the watch’s haptic settings and clicking the ‘prominent haptic‘ option.

Other Wireless Phone-Charging Accessories Won’t Charge The Apple Watch

You might have to keep your charging device with you at all times as other wireless phone-charging accessories don’t seem to work with this gadget. You need an Apple Watch-ready accessory or Apple’s magnetic inductive charge cable.

You Can Pair It With An External Bluetooth Health Device

You can pair the watch with an external Bluetooth heart-rate monitor as an alternative to the heart rate measurement that comes as a feature of the watch. And who knows, in the future you might be able to pair it with other types of devices which could make it a great medical gadget.

Watch Bands Can Be Swapped

If they are the same size, users can swap their watch bands with other models. Case-and-point, the strap for the Apple Watch sport size 38mm could be used with another model of the same 38mm size.

Siri Can Be Used As A Shortcut

You can still, tap, swipe or use the digital crown option to access features on your Apple Watch, but Siri does offer an easier solution. Siri allows making calls, dictating messages or launching apps easy without the constant swiping and tapping.

There Are Only 10 Options For Watch Faces​​

So far Apple offers 10 beautifully designed watch faces, but as of now you really can’t find anymore to download and install. Google’s android wear watches, Samsung gears and Pebbles all offer downloadable watch face options but so far Apple has not revealed how or when additional watch faces might be available.

You Can Pay For Things Without Apple Pay

You can effortlessly add QR codes via your phone and use them on the Apple Watch with the Passbook app. This makes it convenient for users to access places that do not accept Apple Pay.

The Watch Goes Into An Odd Coma When Using ‘Power Reserve’ Mode

If the watch battery gets too low you can opt to use ‘power reserve’. Although it may add hours to your battery life, you can’t really do much with it at this point; all it does is tell the time, as other features do not work. To deactivate the ‘power reserve’ option the watch has to be rebooted.